Symbolic Satya: Jewellery with Truth

Blending spiritual symbols, healing gemstones and sacred meanings, Satya Jewelry is created with grace, style and a global consciousness. Founders/designers and long time friends Satya and Beth translate their spiritual exploration into jewellery with the intention to inspire each persons individual truth.

Satya have recently opened their first London store which is exciting news for us and the company!

Having spent years developing their knowledge of the jewellery industry, Satya and Beth decided to pursue their dream of designing their own line while on separate soul-searching journeys. “I was in Thailand immersed in Buddhist culture while Satya was in the Bahamas at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram engaged in a month long teacher training course,” explains Beth. Satya adds, “At the end of my training, I was given the spiritual name Satya, meaning “truth”. We were both excited to use the name for our collection and create jewellery with beauty, truth and meaning.”

Stylecatch’s favourite collection from Satya is the lotus range, which offers a reminder that each beginning is filled with potential. Each ring is hand cast in sterling silver and coated with gold vermeil with a softly shimmering matte finish.

And here is Stylecatch’s own piece purchased at the London store:

Excuse the poor quality blackberry photo! For more of the range and to see the sterling silver collections, (with better quality images) visit


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