Topshop Make-up Trend Collection

Whilst searching for new colours to add to my make-up bag this week, I thought I’d try Topshop’s new collection. Yes it’s young and fun with lots of glitter and kohl but there are also some surprising shades that can be worn everyday.

Extensive research went into designing the range and word has it they use the same factory as Chanel. I usually stay well away from cheap beauty products but I was pleasantly surprised to find some really good colour palettes in TS. Favourites were definitely in the current Trend Collection (which you can identify from the different packaging), it’s only out for 3 months before the next Trend comes along. They do these chunky lip pencils that you can use instead of a normal lipstick. This gives more precision to the application and is moisturising enough to use on its own or put a dab of lip balm/cream on top for added gloss.

Make-up was designed to have fun with and this range is dedicated to uniqueness. You don’t have to go to work with purple glitter on your eyelids but for some of the neutral tones with just a hint of sparkle, give Topshop a go. It’s a real bargain too.



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