Perfume to go

Before we even talk about the fragrance, I LOVE the packaging of this little perfume by French perfumier Olivia Giacobetti. Sometimes you see an idea and think, I wish I thought of that! And this is definitely one of them. Winner of Wallpaper design awards 2010 Love Coco fragrance, described by Honore des Pres as the ideal potion to get married in in Manhattan, is made from the pure extract of white coconut milk and coriander leaf. Its scent is totally French couture and its exterior was inspired by New York’s buzzy, coffee culture atmosphere.

It is a liberated fragrance which underlines vegetable sap, disturbing the the original basic form of the coco scent. Combining head notes of seeds and leaves of coriander and fresh milk coconut with heart notes of tonka bean and vanilla bourbon with base notes of white cedar and organic coconut essence. It uses all natural ingredients just like its sibling fragrances with heart notes of Tonka Bean and Vanilla Bourbon. Base Notes: white cedar and organic coconut essence. Love, love, love it!

Honore des Pres


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