Maverick Fashion

A look into new designers today at London Fashion Week….

Showcasing at the Strand Palace Hotel,  they set to impress in their static exhbition and catwalk shows.

Opening the show schedule for Fashion Mavericks was Rinda Salmun who made her debut LFW show to a nearly full house. Her collection was titled Neurosis and addresses the unconscious human mind. It is a different dimension where reality and dreams collide. Suitable for evening and day wear the “science of the dream” theme featured digital artwork printed on to jersey, cotton, silk georgette and silk twill. These were then combined with synthetic leather, silk and nylon to create interesting shapes. Particular favourites were the head pieces, crystal details and jumpsuits.

Static exhibition highlight – Eyewear by Nicola Kate Williams.

A trained a jewellery designer , her passion covers the subject of adornment. Her work began to steer in the direction of eyewear and her experience in both modern and traditional techniques brings together a product that is edgy, wearable and a popular choice for men and women.

“Eyewear as an accessory inspires me, I am intrigued by its potential to adorn the eyes and transform the silhouette of the face.”

These pieces in particular stood out and with such a unique spin on her work, the world will be seeing a lot more of Williams.


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