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After seeing a painting surrounding Holi at the Maharaja exhibition this Autumn,  I was so inspired with the Hindu Festival of Colours, Holi. Celebrated in March its purpose is to welcome Spring and to mark the triumph of good over evil. People chase one another whilst splashing colourful paint, powder and water. This freeing of inhibitions and celebrating of life and colour should be a reminder to us all, to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the simple pleasures – colour in particular plays a vital role in feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This is my topic of inspiration this grey and dreary Autumn/Winter !!

See here some truly beautiful photographs of Holi in all its glory.

Holi - crowd

Holi - crowd





A major retrospective of the international acclaimed artist and Turner Prize winner, the Anish Kapoor exhibition London event has currently taken over the Royal Academy of Arts.

This weekend’s exhibition of choice was Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy which is the first major UK solo show by the artist since 1988.

It featured breathtaking large scale art installations and contemporary sculptures as well as earlier works such as his well known pigment pieces and reflective stainless steel objects. In summary a major retrospective by a well respected artist.


So some of the exciting new pieces on display are the giant stainless steel sculpture ‘Tall tree and the eye’ that greets you upon entrance to the Annenberg Courtyard.

anish stainless


‘Svayambh’ – Giant wax installation
The meaning of this Sanskrit word roughly translates as auto-generated. It features a huge block of blood red wax that moves ever so slowly through 5 of the galleries, rubbing itself against the doorways leaving its residue. This means the installation continuously evolves and changes. It would be interesting to re-visit the exhibition in January to see how it’s developed.

Photo credit
Photo credit

Shooting into the Corner
Another crowd pleaser was this cannon mechanism that is fires a large ball of red wax every 20mins to the sound of oohs and ahhhs. It was actually comical although I’m not entirely sure it was supposed to be.

But my personal favourites were the more subtle ‘Pregnant wall’ and ‘Yellow’ which give a sensory experience when standing in front of them as they first appear flat but on closer inspection are three dimensional. In fact a photograph wouldn’t do either of them justice as on here they would look like a yellow wall and a white wall. So it really is something that can only be enjoyed when physically there.

The exhibition runs from now until – Friday 11th Dec 2009 at The Royal Academy, London.



Anahata is an American artist based in Oregon and has spent time travelling and working in Central America. She is the founder of gift company Papaya which is now being sold in the UK. Her work is journalistic and is a record of everyday beauty found in people, cultures, symbols and flowers mixed together with a variety of techniques. She uses collages, her own paintings and digital illustration to blend her ideas and the result is unique and vibrant.

I asked Anahata for an insight to her work and she kindly shared the below images. Selecting a few was difficult as I loved so many of them. She’s my current muse as her work is so expressive and original. Her business model is an inspiration in itself as I also discovered that she began with just 20 greeting card designs taken from her journal. Together with her mum they grew Papaya to an international scale.

Her work is pinned on to my mood wall and will be for quite sometime!




Cameo 2

Cameo 2

Anahata 4

Anahata 5

To discover the world of Anahata Katkin visitwww.anahataart.comor buy the perfect gift


One response to “Some inspiration…

  1. i’m interested on the art work i’m seeing
    It captures my eye immediately. I can’t help but stare thinking if I look hard enough I can see images hidden within the paint…

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